agosto 2017

Recomendamos estos artículos de la revista
  • Hacked!
    Is automotive ready for the inevitable? Cybersecurity experts talk defense strategies.
  • Active Aero takes flight
    Reconfigurable “smart” aerodynamic aids are stretching performance-car envelopes in every direction.
  • The motorcycle’s balanced future
    With its Ride Assist technology, Honda R&D moves two-wheelers toward autonomous capability.
  • Honoring lightweight innovation
    Chrysler, Toyota, Faurecia and AP&T recognized with the 2017 Altair Enlighten Award for their efforts to reduce vehicle weight.
  • Editorial: Stoking the creative, innovative engineer
  • SAE Standards News
    SAE gains Special Consultative Status with the United Nations
  • Supplier Eye
    Non-hybrid ICEs begin their decline
  • The Navigator
    Printer patent ruling could impact automated-vehicle sales
  • Audi has trick active suspension for new A8
  • Delphi and Tula show NVH benefits from Dynamic Skip Fire
  • Mahle tests for ‘mega knock’ in downsized boosted engines
  • 2018 Honda Accord drops mass, adds turbos and 10-speed automatic
  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio gives crossover market a ‘bravo’ injection
  • The Center for Automotive Industry Research’s Dr. Paul Nieuwenhuis on PSA’s deal for Opel
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En este grupo, puedes conocer y compartir experiencias, conocimiento y profesionales relacionados con la Gestión de Flotas de vehículos de todo el mundo. Cada semana publicamos posts, conferencias, congresos, artículos científicos, noticias y tecnología relacionados con la Gestión de Flotas de vehículos.

Grupo de gestión de flotas 

José Miguel Fernández GómezJosé Miguel Fernández Gómez, es experto en gestión de flotas de vehículos, y el director de Advanced Fleet Management Consulting que suministra servicios de consultoría en gestión de flotas de vehículos.

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